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Little angels is running under “ Shri Jagdish Prashad Educaton Society” , which is an inspiration of Shri Jagdish Prashad Jindal. It was his vision and mission to impart education, to nurture each and every individual sapling with love and care, so that each child blooms into a complete human being and a responsible citizen of our country. To bring his vision into reality, he opened a convent school in Dhuri in 1965 and made an association Shri Jagdish Prashad Educaton society.

Following in the footsteps of Shri Jagdish Prashad Jindal, his son Shri Ajay Jindal has taken over ‘Little Angels school’ to fulfill his father’s dream. This is the endeavor of the management to take a step towards the same, and take the school to the greater height of glory.

School is also socially responsible for weaker sections of the society, by providing free education to the underprivileged children.

Shri Ajay Jindal’s ideology “LIFE IS WHAT MIND IS” is the motto of our school. This motto of Little Angels is the guiding force for the students and teachers. As we know that all actions and reactions depicts one’s behaviour. Positive thoughts send out positive vibrations and brings back joy into our lives. So it is very rightly said:- Life is What mind is!


“To Love to Learn” Is the most precious gift.
That one can give to a child, to learn always and everywhere.”

Education during the century has become more important and focused. Technology is developing and changing very fast. These technological changes force the educational technology also to undergo a major change.
Little Angels School is an endeavor towards creating an enhanced life for children, as we believe in imparting ‘Education for life.’ We concentrate on all inclusive personality development of the child. “The aim of education is the knowledge not only of facts, but of values also.” We believe that the quality of the means of education in the school must leads to modernization of mind and its continuous evolution. It should help the child to attain excellence in all spheres of life, so that they can success the art of learning to learn, to do, to be and to live together in the community, the nation and the global society, retaining the best in his/her culture and traditions and assimilating the best in other culture.

We, at Little Angles School believe in providing multiple experiences to our children, so that school Can serve as the platform to give them the best start in life. These experiences will help the students grow academically, personally and socially. Children are encouraged to believe in themselves, so that they remain motivated to make a positive contribution to the society. They are prepared to take the role of responsible citizens and future leaders of the modern society.

We believe that, all students should be enabled to follow their aspirations, set high goals and expect high standards of conduct and achievements from themselves. In this direction, school remains committed to a co-operative school culture where we seek single minded co-operation from one and all towards the holistic education philosophy of school.The institution’s objective is best expressed through the motto “Life is what Mind is”.


School Facilities

  • Thematic, colorful,child
    friendly classrooms.

  • A counselor to deal with
    behavioral problem of children

  • Play room equipped with latest
    educational aids and electronic
    toys etc…

  • A speech therapist to help
    children with speech problems.

  • Computer Lab., Music and Dance

  • Meditation classes to help
    enhance concentration levels.

  • Extensive extra-curricular indoor
    and outdoor activities

  • Mini coaches to transport

A world of learners where children gain a passport to the world.


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